Natural Science & Humanities Department




The message of Natural Science & Humanities Department

It is our great pleasure to become a part of TMSS Engineering College affiliated with Rajshahi University. Department of Natural Science & Humanities (NSH) is one of the key department of this college. Although the department does not offer any degree on the courses of NSH Department, it is the central department of TMSS Engineering College and comprised of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Sociology, Law and English. These subjects are the fundamentals of all engineering and technological fields. So, the students of engineering faculty those are well skilled in these fields, will be good engineer. The department of NSH is committed to be advancement of knowledge that is socially and ethically relevant through innovation and excellence in its academic programs and thereby preparing students to face the challenges of the global village. Department of NSH has been providing quality education in basic and applied sciences to the students of different disciplines of TMSS Engineering College. The natural sciences provide us with methods to investigate and understand ourselves, our world, and the universe, from the subatomic to the cosmic level. So it was quite natural that the Department of NSH was established as one of the key departments of TMSS Engineering College when it started its journey in 2015. Best wishes to all.

Head of the Dept. of NSH

TMSS Engineering College